How SocialCoding4Good Works

We know there are more opportunities than ever to volunteer your time and professional skills on a project applying technology for social good. That’s why we’ve focused our project partnerships toward supporting nonprofit organizations that are building, deploying, and maintaining humanitarian free and open source software (HFOSS), and have an active community of technical contributors who volunteer time and talent to enhance, improve, and scale the software.

You can learn more about these organizations, and their technology, methodology, and impact, on our Project Partner pages.

We work closely with our Project Partners to identify the best tasks and projects for SocialCoding4Good contributors. When you sign up to volunteer, we match your technical skills, domain expertise, experience level, and time availability to current opportunities. If there’s a match right away, we’ll connect you directly to our Project Partner’s task; if not, we’ll let you know as soon as there is a match.

  • Ready to volunteer and start social coding for good? Then head to our Volunteer signup form and tell us about you! Including your username or links to your GitHub, GoogleCode, Coderwall, or LinkedIn profile helps us find the right match.