Social Coding and Open Source

Social Coding is an open, collaborative approach to product development. Hundreds of developers can work remotely, yet in real-time, to build or improve software code. If this software is open source, it can be freely accessed and adapted across domains. Just imagine the effect if hundreds of developers are working on open source for good!

The open source software developed by SocialCoding4Good Project Partners addresses some of the most critical challenges facing the world today: civic engagement, crisis response, disaster relief, education, health, human rights, and poverty alleviation. Our partner organizations are creating sustainable technology solutions to real problems faced by real people. Yet, as nonprofits, these organizations have lean engineering teams, making volunteer contributions an important part of product development.

The impact volunteer collaborators can have is tremendous. Each contribution not only helps build capacity for our nonprofit partners, but positively affects every person who is served through that organization’s software:

  • 25,000 people in more than 80 countries communicating with FrontlineSMS

  • 300,000+ US K-12 students learning with accessible textbooks provided by Bookshare, or the

  • 1.1 million people working their way out of poverty with the help of Mifos X.

About Our Project Partners

You can click on any of the Project Partner pages to learn more about their organization, software, and its impact.

Each of our Project Partners is a registered nonprofit, builds, deploys, and maintains open source software as its core service, and is actively growing its technical contributor community.

If this describes your organization or project, and you’re looking for qualified volunteers to support your growth, please contact us today!